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Energy For Absolute Beginners

Energy For Absolute Beginners

A Visitor asked: "A friend send me a link to this site but I don't know what's going on here. What is this energy stuff? Isn't energy gas or petrol? Can you explain ...?"

Here is an article for energy greenhorns - Energy For Absolute Beginners

Energy For Absolute Beginners

Energy - Isn't that electricity, gas, petrol, nuclear energy?


Gas is gas, petrol is petrol and energy is the English word for prana, chi, or spirit which was in usage long, long before someone came along and used it in a different way.

  • When we talk about energy, we mean prana, chi, spirit - the invisible components of reality absolute.

Now before you say, "Ah that's only unscientific New Age delusion," I'd like you to stop and think for a moment.

If energy is a delusion, then it is one all of humanity shares and has shared for at least a hundred thousand years, if not a whole lot longer than that.

Addressing the energy realms beyond the strictly material in thought, prayer and experience is something that every single society that has ever existed on Earth took very seriously; and today, billions of people offer prayers, acts and intentions to bring about change.

  • It is entirely unscientific to dismiss the actions of billions of people across time, all races, all societies, all continents, all educational levels as all of them simply being deluded.

Indeed, to take such a stance denotes a type of arrogance that is simply stunning.

We energists take the point of view that there has to be something about human beings and their relationship with the world in which they live that makes spiritual action inevitable and also necessary for full functioning in mind, body and spirit.

We start our investigation into this extraordinary phenomenon with the question of, "What if all these people, including the most educated, more far sighted and most intelligent people over time, are right and there is such a thing as energy, there are such existences as energy dimensions, then how can we start to learn more about them without falling into hallucination or delusion?"

The answer I have given to this question is to stay with the direct personal experience of human beings, and to investigate the energy experiences of living human beings who can be observed, questioned, and who can test out theories in their actual lives so we can find out what happens if one makes energy interventions.

In practice, we start out simply with the energy body.

Every human being has one, and this being so, there must be a way in which this energy body manifests itself, comes to our attention.

I have found to my great surprise that the energy body makes its presence known through the medium known as "emotions" - physical sensations that a person can feel in their body which have no physical origin.

Using an inclusive paradigm, a way of thinking that includes the reality of energy occurrences, human emotions and all their many serious manifestations begin to make sense. Not only that, when we use interventions based on the energy inclusive paradigm, we get reliable and repeatable results that can be seen, heard, documented and most of all, felt.

As such, personal experience is created and this how a person knows what's right, and what true, and what is really here.

With energy work and the 3rd Field, in a way we are in a wonderful position. We are right at the start of a proper intelligent and logical scientific investigation of a phenomenon that is clearly essential to all human doings from the cradle to the grave; and here, each one of us becomes their own scientist.

Instead of blindly "believing" what is written in an old scroll or a modern text book by someone else who is said to be so much more knowledgeable and capable than you, or me, or any other human being alive today, we ask that each person reflects on their own experiences, and runs their own tests and trials to convince no-one at all but only themselves of what is right and true in their own personal experience.

There are many modern energy practices available today, some of which, like my EMO and Energy EFT, are structurally designed to teach us how we can learn more about these mysterious energy worlds without getting confused, scared, or drifting off into make-belief and hallucinations.

A first step for an energy greenhorn who may have been told that energy is just nonsense by folk in authority is to consider their own experiences with emotions in their own lives. Everyone has those experiences, and even a person who thinks they experience no emotions themselves can certainly observe how emotions work in other people, and start to factor in that X factor of energy exchanges and their effects on the human energy body.

Our own experiences and our own bodies, our own relationships are the ground point zero of beginning to understand energy.

I recommend to read the EMO Energy In Motion Primer (2016) which explains in simple words how energy affects us personally through the medium of our emotions.

That's a first start, and from there, it's over to you.

It's up to you what you wish to investigate, how you would like to proceed.

There is no University for Energy as I type; but it is my desire that The 3rd Field will now take its rightful place alongside psychology and physiology so that a more complete understanding of how human beings work in the context of real reality may emerge over time.

In the meantime, whatever information you are presented with, test it against your own life's experience. If it holds up, consider it for further investigation; if it does not, simply ignore it and move on. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you should think or feel instead of what you are really thinking and feeling. Ask questions, seek answers that fit with your own personal experience.

Human beings have a fantastic neurology, each one of us, and we certainly have the wherewithal to learn, think, and make up our own minds in the light of our own personal experience.

Discovering energy as the X-Factor in so many previously irreconcilable equations of human behaviour is the doorway into a truly fascinating world, rich with new experiences, rich with new wisdom and knowledge. I would say it is one of the most exciting fields of investigation and discovery possible, so I welcome you and encourage you to keep learning more about energy, conducting your own experiments so that in time you too might get a sense of what the energists of the ages have been raving about.

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, EMO: Energy In Motion, DragonRising 2016




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