World Energy Day
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Welcome to the annual ...

World Energy Awareness Event

August 8th at 8pm

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

William Shakespeare, 1601

Without energy worlds, the world of humans doesn't make sense.

When we factor the invisible layer of energy information into our equations, they resolve.

Life becomes logical.

Human experience becomes rational and reasonable.

All the teachings of humanities greatest prophets start to make sense - it is true that there is a level of existence where energy - love - rules supreme.

Energy is REAL.

And energy awareness is the key to the next step in the evolution of human civilisation.

There are too many people in the world who have been falsely taught that there is no such thing as energy - chi, prana, spirit by any other name. There are too many human problems in the world today that can never be resolved whilst too many people still try to navigate reality on an impoverished clockwork model of the Universe, where all is hard, and what science can currently prove, is all that is allowed to exist.

Join us on August 8th at 8pm to add your intention that the world of men should finally wake up to the reality of energy.

Celebrate the worlds of energy in your own way, to bring about a change in the global human consciousness and help those who are ready to face the real world to awaken at last.

Energy is everywhere, and to become aware of the causes and effects of energy movements, energy exchanges and how people experience energy in their own living bodies is of the essence for humanity now.

Energy awareness is needed for ...

Healing - A human being does not consist of flesh alone, and without understanding the interplay between the physical body and the energy body, true healing cannot be achieved.

Emotions - Emotions are the practical and most noticeable connection to our energy bodies, and all the human world runs on emotions. Without energy awareness, we simply do not have the right tools to solve the problems of human crime, warfare, insanity as well as the day to day experiences of emotions as we try to live our lives and raise our children.

Spirituality - In all spiritual practice, no matter what the local customs, words or traditions, human beings attempt to reach out and connect to each other, the web of life and the source of all the Universe. Spirituality is natural to human beings and by becoming more energy aware, our experience of spirituality takes a quantum leap that enriches our lives and indeed, makes our lives complete.

Art - Without energy, there is no art, and conversely, the expression of the realms of energy into physical form is the heart of art. Through energy awareness we can both unlock the messages of the artists of the ages that are still relevant for us today, as well as creating new works of art in the true spirit of what it means to be a human being.

Work - Anything we do requires energy - strength, personal power, endurance, clarity, logic, and love. Energy awareness is what is needed for each one of us to bring our best efforts to building our physical lives in the world, to doing the best work we can, and to do our daily work and labours with elegance, excellence, love and success.

Relationships - All relationships are also energy exchanges, and without awareness of how energy exchanges function in relationships, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to make connections with the world at large and other people within it. For a human being to express their full potential, each needs to be lifted and supported in a web of relationships that is altogether more than the sum of its parts.

Life - Without energy awareness, life is incomprehensible, inexplicable, random, chaotic, frightening and hard. As soon as the first "enlightenment" of energy awareness dawns, life transforms and becomes instead a glorious tapestry where everything has its rightful place in time and space, and all is indeed, created from love and will return to love.

Energy awareness is the master key for human beings living happier lives and unfolding their true genetic potential in accordance with the Creative Order. Energy awareness leads to new, better solutions to humanity's oldest problems and without it, we are stuck forever in a place of pain, suffering, war and hardship - and it really isn't necessary any longer.

People who work with energy and have embraced the energy paradigm have been discriminated against and sidelined for far too long now.

If you understand energy, now is the time to stop being afraid of being found out, or being called a fool by those who don't know any better - yet.

Take the opportunity to join in on August the 8th, at 8pm, where ever you are in the world, to celebrate energy in your own way and to help us shift the thoughtfield of confusion and energy blindness that has dogged mankind through the ages.

For the first time in the history of humanity we now have the ability to communicate instantly all over the world, and if we focus on what we have in common rather than the details of what may be different about us, we can make the change that the world has been waiting for.

Energy is Joy

Celebrate with friends on the night, or light a candle and give a single prayer.

As one and many give their heartfelt energy to the desire that people should become more energy aware, a wave of intention will ripple around the world as we pass through our time zones, and our intention will be heard by many more than we will ever know.

Light a candle with the intention to bring the awareness to know the light to humanity on August 8th at 8pm.

Energy is all around us, it is a part of our very structure and to become aware of that is to be a human being.


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World Energy Awareness Event

8.8. at 8pm

All who know of the reality of energy are invited to add their energy and best intention on the day and at that time.

Here are some ideas how to further celebrate World Energy Awareness Event

  • Take the opportunity to tell people about energy on the day. Don't be afraid. Come out of that energy closet - the time has come!
  • Translate the invitation to join in on the World Energy Awareness Event for your country and invite non-English speakers to take part.
  • If you are a professional energist, send out a press release to your local paper/radio/TV station to make the media aware that this is taking place. You can offer special free services and/or special offers for your services in conjunction with the World Energy Awareness Event.
  • If you are member of a spiritual congregation, suggest a special prayer meeting on the night according to your own customs and traditions.
  • Have a get-together with friends, family, relatives or colleagues to celebrate energy - with food or drink, or simply by being together and sharing the moment. Children too can join!
  • Let yourself be inspired and create the perfect Energy Awareness celebration for you, your loved ones, your community. Energy is joy!
  • If you are on your own in your community and you can't do much, a heartfelt prayer and a single lit candle will be powerful and wonderful as well.


"With more energy awareness,

the world of human beings will become a better place."


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