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A Project Sanctuary Classic Game For Energy888

A Project Sanctuary Classic Game For Energy888

Project Sanctuary is the method of choice to work with energy mind - the head of the energy body! - in order to gain access to paradigm shifting, truly creative and entirely original thought.

This article contains an introduction to the importance of energy awareness, a short synopsis of Project Sanctuary and a Classic Game for World Energy Awareness Event, August 8th at 8pm.

Project Sanctuary For World Energy Awareness Event

The purpose of World Energy Awareness Event at 8pm on August 8th, hence, is exactly that: to have people pay more attention to the effects of the invisibles worlds of energy.

Now there are still those who think that they are thinking logically when they say, "There's no such thing as energy, you're just imagining it!"

This is a ridiculous thing to say.

It is accusing the very best of humanity, who all have shared the absolute conviction based on personal experience that there is more to the Universe than human beings can measure across the ages of being stupid or deluded.

It is an insult to the billions now and across time who have engaged in spiritual (energy) practices in every single human culture that has ever existed.

It is an insult to the Universe itself to say that some 21st Century scientist knows everything there is to know and can measure everything that exists.

It is sheer childish arrogance and if anyone is deluded, it is those who won't even engage in an exploration as to what it is all these people are thinking, feeling and doing when they engage with energy - prana, chi, by any other name - in a personal way.

People have a strong sense of spirituality.

But energy is not just about spirituality, God, prayer, the human soul.

It is very practically manifest in our energy bodies, which have once again been recognised as an absolute structural reality by every single society that ever existed apart from Western "Science" in the last hundred and fifty years.

When the energy body suffers, people experience real negative emotions; and when that happens, people become irrational, angry, dangerous, depressed and sick.

The effects of the reality of energy are everywhere and all around us.

Every time a person loses their temper for "no good reason" an energy movement is in action, an energy occurrence has just happened, and the results are very real indeed.

Many illness of mind and body can't be cured properly without taking the energy body into consideration; and so many things about human beings and how they work in general simply makes no sense until and unless we factor in that enormous factor X - the reality of the energy dimensions and their effects on human beings, mind, body and spirit.

Project Sanctuary deals directly with a manifestation of the human energy body that is of essential importance in all human thinking, feeling and doing - the energy mind.

The energy mind, simple the head of the energy body, which was previously known as the un- or subconscious mind, is designed to handle the additional complexity of an inclusive reality.

Energy mind derived information is at the heart and center of every paradigm shift, every great invention, and every scientific breakthrough ever made by humanity, and there are no exceptions.

Project Sanctuary is designed as a meeting platform where both the conscious mind and the energy mind can meet, and where the conscious mind can learn how to interact with the energy mind, how to query it, and how to gain access to that additional information that is needed for all creative endeavours and all paradigm shifting breakthroughs in problem solving and the creation of new things that have never been before (and which could solve many of the problems which the conscious mind alone has failed to solve).

Since its first public release in 1993, Project Sanctuary has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the energy mind is extremely logical and is indeed, a structural part of the human totality, absolutely needed for people to think at a level where the union of the conscious mind and the energy mind becomes far more than the sum of its parts.

The central method of Project Sanctuary is to consciously enter into autogenic reality - like a lucid dream whilst awake - and there to act, explore and learn the additional lessons of the energy world. When you put these lessons together with what we have learned in the Hard, a Venn diagram emerges which shows us basic ground rules that apply across the board to both the energy worlds, and the material world.

Entering an autogenic reality is easy - we create an autogenic realy which we call a habitat by activating all six senses, using a simple question and answer format which is directed with a set up, and known as The Classic Game.

A Classic Game cannot be done consciously alone; in order to answer the questions, the energy mind has to provide the information.

Through the question/answer exchange, both conscious mind and energy mind come into harmony, into rapport, and the autogenic reality becomes more and more real.

So here is a simple Project Sanctuary Classic Game for world Energy Awareness Event.


Project Sanctuary For Energy888


1. The Set Up:

Take me to the perfect place in time and space where I can make my best contribution to help awaken more people in the world to the reality of energy.

2. The Habitat

Answer the questions:

What is the time of day?

What is the time of year?

What is the weather?

What is the landscape?

What is the vegetation?

3. Activating The Senses

With the habitat established, now activate all six senses consciously.

Describe the answers out aloud to help keep conscious focus.

What can you see?
What can you hear?
What can you feel on your skin?
What can you scent?
What can you taste in your mouth?
What can you sense (how does this make you feel inside)?

4. The Exploration

Explore the habitat. Find the story. Live the story.

If you get stuck, ask, "And what happens next?"

Continue until you get ...

5. The Threshold Shift

This is an enlightenment experience, the culmination of the story, the "aha!" moment, the "eureka!" experience.

The Classic Game is complete when the threshold shift has been reached.

A note: Energy work in an autogenic reality can be done at any time, and for any purpose. The world of humans needs much more energy awareness at all times, not just on the date of WEAE.

You can play this Classic Game at any time, and more than once.

Whatever happens, whatever you do will be your contribution to Word Energy Awareness, or as we call it The Gift that only you would have to give.

Every such gift is extremely precious; but it is also a wonderful experience to give this gift to the world.

So let yourself be inspired, quite literally filled with spirit, energy by any other name, and enjoy the Classic Game for World Energy Awareness Day.

If you would like to tell the story, we would be delighted to share it to help inspire others to have a go as well.

In this spirit, be blessed, be light, be wonderful, always,


Silvia Hartmann
Creator, Project Sanctuary
July 2011



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