World Energy Day
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EMO For World Energy Awareness Event 888

EMO For World Energy Awareness Event 888

It's the World Energy Awareness Event!

And here is a classic and wonderful EMO Energy Special for Energy888.

This is an easy energy exercise which is also very energizing, so have a go.

* You can do this at any time, not just for Energy888!

In a moment, go to

There is a spinning globe on the page which can help you hold your focus.


1. Focus on Planet Earth.

2. Take a deep breath, in and out.

3. Where do you feel this incoming energy in your body? Show yourself with your hands.

4. Where does this energy need to go? Soften and flow!

5. Find an exit point for the energy, one that exits from the top of your head.

6. Now send that energy back to Planet Earth and let it flow through and out.

7. Let the energy re-enter you through the soles of your feet (you are standing on Planet Earth!)

8. Let it flow straight through you, up and out and back round through Planet Earth.

9. Increase the speed of energy flow until it feels rushing, tingling and entirely wonderful.

10. By all means, dance now and let your best energies flow in, through and out Planet Earth, healing, strengthening, enlightening and empowering you both in the process.


A tip: Practice this a few times so when it comes to it, you're ready to go and you can really channel rushing energy in, through and out - and in so doing, changing the world :-)


EMO 888 Energy Diagram

This is pure EMO energy work. We don't have to ask or argue, just put our best intention forward to improve energy flow, brighten energy flow and make it stronger, more powerful.

All the rest takes care of itself.

Enjoy this simple but powerful EMO exercise and remember:

* You can do this at any time, not just for Energy888!




Created by Silvia Hartmann for Energy888 2011

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